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[2012. 6.28] ADMD 2012 논문발표 및 참석  
Korea, Jeju 에서 열린 ADMD 2012 에 참석하여 논문 4편을 발표하였습니다.

"Permanent image sticking characteristics of single and double barrier ribs in AC plasma display panel"

"Analysis on permanent image sticking or long time discharge characteristics of MgO layer with MgO single crystal powder under various thicknesses in AC plasma display panel"

"Effects of O2 and H2 flow rates on discharge and structual characteristics of MgO thin films in AC plasma display panel"

박춘상 BK 계약교수

"Influence of the surface contamination on electrical short phenomenon between Ag electrodes in AC-PDPs,"

정은영 책임연구원

  [2012. 7. 4] ICMAP 2012 논문발표 및 참석
  [2012. 3.12] 김재영박사 plasma processes and polymers 게재

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